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CoCreate is the social place to co-work! Be a part of our community at our Dublin 1 or Dublin 2 city centre space.

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Why co-work at our offices?

Co-working in a progressive work environment helps you be more productive than working from home.
Our shared office space provides your own dedicated desk-space and all the facilities you’d expect. But, beyond that, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with others to help you develop ideas and co-create. You become an independent part of a thriving, creative, energetic, co-working community.
Our spaces are dedicated to freelancing designers, developers, web designers, programmers, video artists, game developers, and more…


Be more productive

Get more done - fewer distractions than working from home


Connect with others

Strike up new partnerships with other talented freelancers


Share your skills

Build your network by sharing your skills and helping others


Generate new ideas

Find inspiration from the talented community at hand

Twice the space to be inspired!

With two great locations either side of the Liffey, you have a new base in Dublin city centre. Use our shared office space to be more productive and network with a community of engaging and talented entrepreneurs, designers, developers, independent workers, and creative artists. This will give your work a new dimension and can inspire you to even greater things as you grow your freelancer business...

43 O'Connell Street Upper
Dublin 1

27 Camden Street Lower
Dublin 2

Our Community

Stéphanie Arquey

Stéphanie Arquey

Market Research Analystéphanie-arquey-3008b974/
Ludovic Baumgartner

Ludovic Baumgartner

Senior Consultant
Jure Goste

Jure Goste

Cian McCarthy

Cian McCarthy

Head of Operations

Léo Gillot-Lamure

Léo Gillot-Lamure

Programmer (Systems Engineer)

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18 Jun 2020

Flexible working increases productivity, improves well-being!

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