22 Aug 2018

The Future of the Co-Working

For generations, people went to university, got a job, and spent most of their adult life climbing the corporate ladder. Today, the reality is very different.

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15 May 2018

5 Amazing Benefits of Co-Working

As the gig economy grows and remote working becomes the norm, more and more people are now working away from the traditional office setting. However, whether you’re a freelancer, startup founder, or a digital nomad, this whole process doesn’t need to take place in a vacuum.

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26 Mar 2018

Who uses Coworking Spaces?

Who uses Coworking spaces? We look at the creatives, freelancers, startups, tech innovators & digital nomads that make up the community of shared offices. If you’ve been to a coworking space in Dublin, you would have probably encountered any or all of these types of professionals: Creatives Entrepreneurs Freelancers Flexible corporate workers Professional mobile workers Techies

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22 Jan 2018

The Collaborative Work Environment

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14 Aug 2017

Top 10 cities for Startups

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06 Apr 2017

Co-Working Space Plans

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