Why You Need a Dublin Office Address to Build Credibility? What Can You Do?

If you own a startup, you must be travelling a lot for client meetings in a commercial Dublin office. On odd days, you might even be working from home. Not working from a conventional office can create several challenges. One of the biggest hurdles is establishing credibility. If you’re an entrepreneur, you wouldn’t want to come across as a college student working from a coffee shop. However, that’s the risk you need to take without an office space.

With all the developments in business and technology, there’s still taboo around the lack of a reliable office space or physical company address. Over time, it can take a toll on professionalism. A lot of companies don’t pay freelancers working from home the same kind of fees they happily spend on established agencies. It’s just one example of how not having an office space can lead to problems.

With a physical address for your Dublin office, you’re able to position your business promptly and adequately. It also allows you to go after bigger clients, which leads to tremendous growth for the company. Overall, an office space works wonders for credibility. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend loads of money on real estate anymore. But let’s come to that later!

Why is a Dublin Office Space Important?

These days, you can’t underestimate the importance of online businesses. While most businesses have a strong online presence, they still have physical headquarters. Let’s just put it like this – all the banks provide online banking services, but still operate daily from physical branches. It’s the same for other business models. 

Dublin Office

Before a client gets into a partnership, the firm wants to see some credibility on the part of the business. A good way to build credibility is to arrange a meeting in your physical office space. Apart from this, having an office space offers several other benefits.

Shapes Company Culture – Needless to say, a physical office space shapes your company’s values, principles, and culture. In the modern business world, it’s pretty hard to define culture. It’s even harder to lay the foundation for growth using culture and values. The environment in which your team works plays a big role in keeping the values intact, while allowing people to see the bigger picture. 

Shapes Communication – With an office space, it’s easier to communicate. Regardless of inventions like video conferencing and emails, there’s absolutely no substitute for ‘face-to-face interactions’. In the confines of your physical address, your team members can talk frankly with each other. Additionally, it allows you to plan meetings, conferences, and presentations in a much better way.

Helps with Privacy – While it’s good to interact and collaborate on a regular basis, there are times when privacy can’t be overlooked. You might want to get into private meetings with clients, or ensure employee records aren’t easily accessible for outsiders. Similarly, customer data needs to be protected at all times. For such serious concerns, a physical address provides the perfect place to operate seamlessly.

Helps Set Processes & Workflows – While working from a Dublin office, it’s easier to create processes and workflows. When you’re in touch with the team throughout the day, everyone stays on the same page. It’s also a good opportunity to advise your employees and learn several aspects from them.

Coworking Comes to the Rescue

While all the benefits of working from an office seem good, not every business has the budget to afford commercial real estate. For many entrepreneurs and professionals, coworking is the answer to this dilemma. In cities like Dublin, Galway, and Cork, many businesses are renting shared office spaces to bridge the gap.

When you work from a shared office space, you can simply handout a business card to clients, candidates, and customers. A coworking space offers flexible membership plans. Additionally, most coworking spaces come with meeting rooms, breakout areas, 24/7 access, CCTV surveillance, and several other facilities.

Dublin Office Space

With a coworking space, you have a regular physical address. Most importantly, you don’t need to rent a space every day. In fact, business owners and entrepreneurs prefer to use shared office spaces for meetings, daily work, and networking. Some important benefits offered by a good coworking space include:

  • Central location – A good coworking space is centrally located, allowing easy commute for employees and clients
  • Cost-effective – While renting a coworking space, you need to spend only a fraction of the cost you’d have spent on commercial real estate
  • Convenience – Most coworking spaces offer 24/7 access, providing you with the flexibility to plan work and meetings
  • Flexibility – A good coworking space offers multiple subscription plans basis duration, facilities, and other factors
  • Facilities – While renting a coworking space, you get instant high-speed connection, office supplies, printing services, mail archiving, and mail delivery services
  • Community setting – Most coworking spaces are known for their community-based setting, allowing you to learn and grow

CoCreate, one of the leading coworking spaces in Dublin, is centrally located, and provides several subscription plans ranging from EUR 200 to EUR 700. While you’ll find many like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners working from CoCreate, it also offers private office spaces for established businesses. Check it out now!

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