Where are our offices located?

Our Northside office is located at 43 O'Connell Street Upper, Dublin 1, D01 DK81.
The Southside office is located at 27 Camden Street Lower, Dublin 2, D02 NV09. We share an entrance with the "Camden Casket" shop. The door to our office is on the left side when you enter the shop. Please use the intercom to access the office.

What are your office hours? What is your phone number?

We're a small team of people taking care of the CoCreate Community on the side: we do not have official office hours and we are only reachable by phone in case of emergency.

Can I view / trial the space first? How can I arrange a viewing?

You definitely should visit and try out before signing up! Please use the form on our website contact page to arrange your visit and/or trial. Note that we do not do drop in viewings or trials.

Is it possible to use the space 24/7?

At this moment only O'Connell Street space provides our full time members with this option. The Camden Street space can be used from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday included.

Can I book a desk or a meeting room for a few hours only?

Not really. But you might be interested in our monthly 5 Days Hot Desk Pass which allows you to use our hot desk for any 5 days within one month period. See Pricing section for details.

What are the rules about meeting rooms?

There are no strict usage restrictions but as a rule of thumb: full time members can book the room up to 2h per week and part time members up to 1h. Meeting rooms are free to use when not booked.

Are my personal belonging safe in the office?

Yes - but we cannot guarantee the safety of your personal belonging at CoCreate.

What is the difference between "dedicated" desk and "hot" desk?

A dedicated desk is a great choice if you value comfort and require a private space with personal storage space, space for your screen, etc. Dedicated desks are bigger, have more personal space and provide you with a drawer or cabinet.

A hot desk is a good choice if you don't mind not having your own space, work from a laptop and don't need to store things. It's a bit like working from a coffee shop but with access to a kitchen, a meeting room and like minded people.

How does the pricing work? Do I have to pay upfront? What about canceling?

All memberships are to be fully paid upfront. If you want to pay monthly, you have to go for the monthly membership. You can cancel your membership at anytime but you need to let us know 2 weeks (or 1 month for private offices unless a different agreement is made) before it is due to renew. Membership auto-renews by default and no refunds are made.

Prices are VAT exclusive. Here's why!

All prices provided on our website are VAT exclusive.

We will apply VAT to any person or company with a physical address in Ireland.

We will not charge VAT to:
1) EU-based companies that provide us with a registered VALID EU VAT number.
2) Companies with a physical address outside of EU.

Do you offer Private Offices? How many people can it accommodate?

We do! From 3 to 15 people, depending on location and availability. See our Pricing page for details. Minimum engagement 3 months and notice period of 2 months. Note that we require a full 2 months deposit for all Private Office rentals (1st month as a booking deposit and the 2nd month as a security deposit). Booking deposit is non-refundable and office rental is only secured once full deposit is received.

Can I change my plan after I started my membership?

You can change your plan at anytime. We are very flexible in this matter and will adjust to your needs! Simply talk to us or send us an email.

What is included in my membership?

Everything listed on the Pricing page, including: weekly cleaning, Wifi, Kitchen (coffee machine, microwave, etc), meeting rooms, snacks, etc.

Can I receive post? Can you collect my post for me? Is this service free?

All members of CoCreate can use the address to receive their posts. There's no charge but you have to be here to collect it. If you would like us scan your post and send it to you via email on a bi-weekly (every two weeks) basis, we charge an additional 30 EUR per month for this service.

Please be advised that:
1) this applies to non-registered standard post only
2) packages or courier deliveries and post deliveries that require your signature on collection will not be collected on your behalf
3) uncollected post and post for members without an active membership will be returned to the sender

There is a flat service rate of €50 + Costs + VAT per letter (or group of letters) if you want us to forward it to you physically.

Can I use CoCreate address to register a company or a VAT Number?

You can use our physical address to register your company or a VAT Number. Note that we are not able to assist with your company registration or taxation in any way but we can introduce you to competent people. On top of our regular plans, we offer two corporate plans that include post forwarding: you can register online here.

Do I get a lease / a written contract? What about invoices?

After signing up for a membership and paying its first term, you will be emailed a signed membership contract along with a matching invoice / receipt of payment. Note that a membership contract is not a formal lease. See a sample.

Is parking provided?

We do not provide parking at any of our locations. There's public and private parkings available nearby, see: https://en.parkopedia.ie/parking/dublin/ for details.

What are your terms and conditions?

See here.

Can my desk / membership be used by different people?

Memberships are for one nominated person only. We are flexible with the use of dedicated desks: as long as the nominated person ensures they manage access to the space for their colleagues and do not disturb others members, we don't mind if your desk is sometimes used by a colleague of yours. It is not OK to resell access to your desk in any way.

I do sales / make a lot of phone calls. Is that ok?

Probably not: if you constantly make calls you are going to disturb the people seating next to you; and meeting rooms are shared between everyone so you can't be there all the time. You're free to come and see for yourself, but it's unlikely to work out.

I have a special offer for CoCreate and/or CoCreate members!

We're not interested in referral fees or similar partnerships, but if you have a cool product or service and can offer something special to our members so they try it out, we're happy to pass it along.
Please send us an email with a clear and short description of your offer and product that we can simply copy/paste into our members communication and/or on Social Media (if relevant).

Can I host my event at CoCreate?

Probably not. In rare occasion, for non-promotional events, we might make an exception. Send us your idea via email and we will do our best to assist.

We do something cool and we would like to partner up with CoCreate!

That sounds interesting. Please send us an email with the main points of your proposal for us to review. We will consider it and get back to you if it makes sense to us.

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