Where are our offices located?

Our Northside office is located at 57 Gardiner Street Lower, Dublin 1. The entrance is located under the dart bridge, black door. The Southside office is located at 27 Camden Street Lower, Dublin 2. We share an entrance with the Camden Casket shop. The door to our office is on the left side when you enter the shop. Please use the intercom to access the office.

Can I view the space first? How can I arrange a viewing?

You can meet our community manager who will show you around and answer your question every day from 10 am to 2 pm.

We need two working days of a notice prior to your visit. You can now use our online booking system to arrange a viewing. Please go to cocreate.ie/contact and use a form provided.

In order to not disturb coworkers we only allow scheduled visits. Please be advised that we DO NOT do drop in viewings. If you have any queries or to arrange a visit or trial day, please use the contact form and we will contact you shortly.

Is it possible to use offices 24/7?

At this moment only North office provides our clients with this option.
The south office can be used from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Can I only use a desk for a day or few hours?

At this moment we do not provide hourly or daily access to our offices.

You might be interested in our 5 days a month hot desk offer, which allows you to use our hot desk for 5 days, consecutively or not, within one month period. See Pricing section for details.

What is the difference between dedicated desk and hot desk?

A dedicated desk is a great choice for individuals who value comfortable and private space with personal cabinets and space for your screen, that will allow them to work efficiently. Dedicated desks are bigger, have more personal space and provide you with a drawer or cabinet.

A hot desk is a good choice for those who need a desk space on a less regular, pop-in / pop-out basis, much like an internet spot, but you get all the benefits of coworking space, access to kitchen and meeting room and our community.

How does the pricing work? Do I have to pay upfront?

All memberships have to be paid in the full amount upfront.

If you want to pay monthly, you have to go for the monthly membership. Membership auto-renews by default at the end of your period. Should you wish to cancel your membership please let us know 2 weeks before the membership renews.

Prices are VAT exclusive. Here's why!

All prices provided on our website are VAT exclusive.

We will apply VAT to everybody with a physical address in Ireland (single person or company, native or resident).

We will not charge VAT to:
1) EU-based companies that provide us with a registered VALID EU VAT number.
2) Companies with a physical address from outside of EU

Do you offer Private Office? How many people can it accommodate?

We currently have one room dedicated that can be used as a private office located in the South office. It can accommodate 3-4 people. The price is fixed and currently is 1000 Euro VAT exclusive.

Can I test CoCreate offices before I sign up?

Yes, we can offer you a free test drive at our offices for half a day. Let us know via email if you would like to use this option and we will invite you over for 4 hours of absolutely free access.

We offer this option from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm upon a prior email confirmation.

Can I change my plan after I started my membership?

You can always change your plan at the end of your current membership, for instance, if you want to switch from 1-month plan to 3-months plan or vice versa. We are very flexible in this matter and will adjust to your needs.

What is included in my membership?

We provide you with a variety of services and complimentary amenities. You can use both offices if you go for dedicated desk plan, have possible 24/7 access (only in the North office), we provide you with two wi-fi networks in case of any issues with main one, meeting rooms and kitchen access, where you are treated with complimentary snacks, tea, coffee, herbal teas, biscuits, cookies and milk. Cleaning services are provided every weekend.

Can I receive post? Can you collect my post for me? Is this service free?

All members of CoCreate can use the address to receive their posts.
It's free if you are here to collect your post in person.

If you are not here and want us to collect the post and archive it for you - we can do it for a small fee of 15 EUR per month.
Your post will be ready for collection on your arrival.

If you would like us to also scan your post and send it to you via email on a weekly basis, we charge an additional 15 EUR per month for this service (collection and scan sum up to 30 euro per month).

Please be advised that:
1) this applies to non-registered standard post only
2) packages or courier deliveries and post deliveries that require your signature on collection can't and won't be collected by us
3) uncollected post will be returned to the sender on a monthly basis

There is a flat service rate of 30 EURO + postal/courier costs + VAT per letter if you want us to forward your letter to you within EU.

Can I register my company at CoCreate?

You can use our physical address to register your company.

We offer special plans and registration process to clients who would like to use this option. Please talk to our community manager if you would like to hear more details.

Please be aware that we can only provide you with a membership plan and physical space and address to be used for your business. You still need an external agency to help you with Irish registration procedures and taxation.

Is there a parking provided?

We do not provide parking spaces. There is public street parking available at both locations.

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