Terms & Conditions

CoCreate Use of Service and General Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Terms​ – By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions a client acknowledges the acceptance of the Use of Service and/or the Acceptable Use Policy by the applicant.

Completion or acceptance of CoCreate membership application does not create a tenancy but a prepaid usage licence to use the provided amenities on a monthly basis. This license may be renewed each month for memberships with the consent of each party.

Quiet Enjoyment​ – All members and guests have the right to quiet enjoyment and any behaviour that breaches this will not be condoned.

Open Environment​ – This is an open office shared by many different peoples and organisations. Anything said should be expected to be heard by others if you like it or not.

Internet/Network Usage ​– No spamming, posting or downloading files that you know or should know are illegal or that you have no rights to. Access any other device connected to CoCreate network or the Internet that you do not have permission to access.

Liability​ – All members and guests are responsible for their own belongings and actions. Should any action or inaction cause damage or cost to CoCreate then that cost will be levied to that member or members.

Guests​ – Any guest must be accompanied by a member at all times. The inviting member will be responsible for their guest’s actions at all times.

Members Register​ – This is maintained by CoCreate and has all the details provided by the members for use by CoCreate staff and other members. The member has the option of privacy for listing on public websites.

Key Bond ​– This provides a key to the door for access to the building after hours. These keys belong to the building owner. Failure to return either of these at the end of the agreement will result in some, or all, of the bond being forfeited at the sole discretion of CoCreate. The keys remain the property of the building owner at all times.

Renewal and Termination​ – Membership is a privilege, not a right, gross misconduct can result in immediate termination.

CoCreate renewal is automatic unless advised by the member. Member can terminate this agreement at any time by providing one month’s notice after the completion of the initial month for a full-time desk, or 2 weeks’ notice for a part-time desk.

Invoicing and Payment​ – All plans are prepaid, non-refundable and auto-renew by default.
The notice period to cancel the renewal of your dedicated or hot desk membership is 15 days for monthly plans and 30 days for all other plans. The private office notice period is two months unless specified otherwise.

The use of the address is restricted to active Members only: any letter received after the end of your membership will be returned to the sender.

Access – This membership provides full access to all the amenities and includes a workspace temporarily assigned to you. You can use all the services and amenities provided as much as you want (within reason). Keys are required for this membership and provide access to the office and building.
Included in the membership: electricity, internet usage, heating, water and the cleaning service.

Changes to the AUP or Use of Service​ – Changes can be made by CoCreate with 30 days’ notice to members. These will be emailed to all members and placed on the website.