Shared Office Space in Dublin – The Launchpad to Success for New Business

Typically, a shared office space in Dublin used to be occupied by freelancers, independent professionals, and consultants. The idea of sharing a single location and amenities to learn, collaborate, and inspire seemed promising. While this idea still holds value, shared office spaces aren’t just limited to individuals looking for flexibility.

In recent years, coworking spaces have attracted startups and corporates by providing them with low-cost and feasible alternatives to traditional working environments. As such, coworking has become the perfect launchpad to success for new businesses. 

In Ireland, several shared office spaces are available in cities like Dublin, Cork, and Galway. Each space offers something different in terms of ambience, culture, and amenities. This has allowed startups and corporates to choose coworking over conventional offices.

While it gives them a chance to collaborate with talented individuals, the low-cost setup is additionally appealing to every business trying hard to change the world. To be precise, coworking provides new businesses with affordable real estate and the opportunity to network.

Shared Office Space in Dublin – Ideal for Startups with Low Capital

In order to rent a commercial office space, you normally require a lease from 2 to 10 years. Usually, a deposit is also required. Depending on the laws in the city and the structure of the agreement, it can be quite expensive to breakout of a commercial lease, especially if the space isn’t in high demand.

On the other hand, a shared office space in Dublin is treated like a club membership. A desk or a private office is rented for a specific period, with some shared office spaces available for hourly, weekly, and annual durations. In terms of cash flow, it’s ideal for startups and new businesses to get a coworking space, which allows them to avoid high upfront costs, tedious paperwork, and long-term commitments.

Shared Office Space in Dublin

The flexibility in a coworking space is an added bonus for every growing business. It allows the company to accommodate more employees by simply adding membership plans. Businesses using coworking spaces need to sign straightforward agreements mentioning usage rules, fees, and other legal aspects that govern the city.

In Ireland, the pricing for a coworking space can range between EUR 200 to EUR 700, depending on several factors, such as:

Location – The real estate costs in certain cities and areas can be quite high. While choosing a coworking space, like any other real estate, it’s important to consider a central and convenient location.

Facilities and amenities – If the coworking space is in a high-end building, you should expect to pay a bit more. Similarly, on-site amenities, such as security, parking, breakout area, etc. affect the monthly pricing.

Space – While most coworking spaces have only desks, some even offer private offices for new businesses and corporates. If you’re looking for a private space, you’d have to pay a slightly higher fee.

Additional benefits – Many shared office spaces come with additional benefits like conference rooms, 24-hour access, admin services, office facilities, mail archiving, mail delivery, workshops, networking events, and more. While these services affect the pricing, you can usually get a customised deal as per your requirements.

A shared office space in Dublin offering a wide range of services usually caters to startups and established businesses. While choosing a space, it’s important to consider your specific requirements and negotiate a deal accordingly.

All-inclusive Spaces

When you choose a coworking space, it allows you to avoid several expenses associated with a traditional office space. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of moving your new business to a shared office space. During the early stages, you don’t have to worry about spending capital on utilities, furniture, lease service charges, appliances, and more. Moreover, it can be quite time consuming to find commercial real estate.

With a coworking membership, you typically get:

  1. A work desk and chair, or a private office, depending on the membership plan
  2. High-speed Wi-Fi or broadband connectivity
  3. Access to office supplies, such as copier, scanner, and printer
  4. Dedicated storage space
  5. Free tea, coffee, and kitchen facilities, such as microwave and refrigerator
  6. The use of meeting and conference rooms on a reservation basis

A coworking space offers another big advantage to entrepreneurs and startups. In the early stages of business, it’s even more important to prioritise tasks and efforts. While working from a shared office space, you don’t have to worry about building management, cleaning, and maintenance.

Shared Offices

Additionally, the all-inclusive nature of these spaces makes it easier to keep track of accounting and taxes. All the services are consolidated into a single invoice, which is sufficient to file your taxes at the end of the financial year.

Without a doubt, coworking eases the path to starting and setting up a new business. Moreover, it provides you with flexibility when the business starts growing. Without long-term commitment and high costs, you can keep adding team members at any time.

Gain New Contacts and Business

A shared office space in Dublin offers the perfect environment for networking and collaborating with other startups, entrepreneurs, and consultants. Whether you need assistance with web designing, bookkeeping or human resources, you’ll find an individual or a business from the field at a nearby desk. All the expertise you need would be available under the same roof.

Conversely, it will be easier to gain new contacts and offer your services to other members. It might even reduce your marketing costs. When you mingle with other entrepreneurs and businesses on a daily basis, it allows you to adopt a more effective technique to grow your business.

As the business keeps growing, a coworking space becomes a viable option for scaling operations. With a flexible coworking establishment like CoCreate, you get the benefits of a centrally-located real estate at a more affordable price than a conventional office space.

Needless to say, it’s a sound business practice to reduce expenses, especially when you’re in the early stages of business. With the coworking business booming in Ireland, shared offices continue to be the launchpad to success for new businesses.

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