The Collaborative Work Environment

Why a collaborative working space has become the new trend with entrepreneurs, freelancers and small growing businesses!


The turn of the 21st century saw coworking spaces as a growing trend – along with the rising number of people who can work flexibly from home (or anywhere as long as an Internet connection is present).

Coworking spaces proved to be a convenient option for freelancers, consultants and even for small startup teams. It’s not just about convenience however, coworking spaces are also known to be a hotspot for collaboration and brainstorming. 


Friendly community

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It is where you can meet like-minded people.

Working at home might give you flexible working hours, but it isolates you from collaborating with other people in your team. Worse, if you are thinking about starting up a business, it will be hard for you to come up with better plans and ideas without the help of experienced and influential people in the industry.


This is where a coworking space can fill that gap. Although it still maintains work flexibility for freelancers and consultants, it is also where other freelancers and consultants in a specific area can come to converge and work on improving their skills, build a new service or startup business, and meeting to collaborate on projects and personal ventures.


It is also where some entrepreneurs can create a partnership. With freelancers and consultants from different niches, a coworking space is the perfect breeding ground for business rapport, product development, brainstorming and sharing of ideas.


It provides a conducive environment for work and creativity.

Unlike the usual office space where you are confined to a certain cubicle or desk, a coworking space gives you more… well, space. Many coworking spaces are designed and equipped for creative thinkers – spacious desks, good lighting, organized boards, inspiring views and minimalist decor. All these make them a conducive area for working, brainstorming and can even boost productivity.


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Many freelancers also prefer coworking spaces rather than staying at home because of the convenience it brings – some provide an in-house cafe and pantry where snacks and meals can be served, while some coworking spaces also offer better Wifi service. There are also less distractions in coworking spaces compared to working at home – since there are no chores and other types of entertainment (such as Television) to keep you from finishing your tasks.


It gives starting entrepreneurs a more affordable work space option.

Building a business with limited resources is hard enough, and it is even more difficult without a professional meeting place to begin with. It is common knowledge that commercial and office spaces are expensive especially those that are situated in key commercial areas or major cities such as in Dublin, for example.


It would be hard if you are an aspiring entrepreneur to get a decent office space, because it could basically eat up your initial capital due to the monthly rental rate alone. Coworking spaces however provide an affordable option, because most of these allow a more flexible contract lease option – there are monthly, weekly and even daily rates.


Renting a coworking space might not give you an office address of your own, but at least it can give a decent meeting place for potential clients and business partners – giving a more legitimate and professional impression for the small company.


Aside from providing individual desks and work space for lone freelancers and consultants, some coworking spaces also offer a meeting/discussion room and spacious partitions for small teams.


Although coworking space owners usually target freelancers, consultants and startup entrepreneurs, most coworking spaces can also cater to growing business teams. For example, your startup company is growing, and sooner or later, you can finally afford to get a full office space of your own. But while you are still in the transition period, you need a temporary office where you and your team can still work productively – and this is when you need to get a coworking space with flexible leasing terms.


So if you are tired of working at home, and feel like you need to be in a collaborative space to help push your career, or business to its next level, come check us out!

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Author Bio: Gemma Reeves

Gemma Reeves is a seasoned writer who enjoys creating helpful articles and interesting stories. She has worked with several clients across different industries such as advertising, online marketing, technology, healthcare, family matters, and more. She is also an aspiring entrepreneur who is engaged in assisting other aspiring entrepreneurs in finding the best office space for their business.

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