Setting Up Business in Dublin – An Office Space – Part II

If you’re thinking about setting up business in Dublin, you must be looking for an office space. With rising rental costs, Dublin had been out of reach. However, you’d be surprised by the number of affordable options and coworking spaces that have become available. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, you’d be able to benefit from a Dublin office address.

So, what difference does an office make? Quite a lot! Located in a central location in Dublin gives you a big advantage. It not only makes your employees happier, but leads to a strong presence within the business community. 

While looking for an office space, what do you think would be a good deal? Yes, as it goes in the modern business world, a coworking space will be perfect for a new business.

It’s Best to Look for a Shared Office Space (Coworking)

Coworking is an ideal choice for any designer, thinker, innovator, or startup. While starting a business from home seems cost-effective, it leads to distraction and isolation in the long run. Moreover, sooner or later, you’d need a physical office address to give an impression of a legitimised strong business.

Conventional office spaces can be expensive, and require a great deal of paperwork. On the other hand, coworking spaces offer flexible pricing plans with several other benefits. In fact, the coworking market in Dublin ranks among Europe’s hottest.

Setting Up Business

With your own space at a coworking venture, you’re able to join a community of like-minded individuals and business owners, all encouraging you to take your business to the next level. Most importantly, it gives you a chance to collaborate, socialise, and support others in the community. In the last decade, coworking has been a popular trend among new business owners. Here’s why!

What Benefits Do You Get?

Coworking spaces offer numerous benefits. Location, flexible timings, facilities, meeting rooms, culture, and more! In fact, if you’re only looking for a physical address for correspondence, getting a hot desk at a coworking space will be ideal. It lets you save a good amount of capital that you’d have spent on rental or infrastructure.

Compliance with Revenue Requirements – 

Every Irish business needs a physical address, which acts as the point of contact for operations. Instead of a virtual office, a good coworking space gives you hot desks. You can choose to be present in the shared office space, or just use it as an address for correspondence.

Hassle-free Setup – 

Get in touch with a shared office space, and you’ll be sorted within minutes. In fact, within just 10 minutes, you can have an annual subscription as per your requirements. It’s minimum effort for maximum benefit!

Physical Office Address – 

With a physical office address, you also get post forwarding facility. Once you start employing more people, you’ll already have a place to scale up operations without thinking too much about cost and infrastructure. 


Flexible Pricing – 

Depending on your requirements, a good coworking space can beat any price. If you just need a physical office address, it’s even better, and lets you choose from a wide range of flexible plans. 

Central Location – 

Located in the heart of Dublin, a good coworking space makes commuting easier for employees. Additionally, it allows customers, investors, and other stakeholders to show up at their convenience. Look for a place that’s located in central Dublin.

Support – 

Last but not the least, a shared office space doesn’t leave you hanging. If you need assistance, mail and phone support are readily available to resolve queries, issues and concerns.

Setting Up Business in Dublin? Checkout CoCreate

CoCreate is one of the most amazing, vibrant, and hottest shared office spaces in the heart of Dublin. If you’re looking for flexible plans based on your requirements, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, CoCreate can beat any price! 

Without worrying about infrastructure or operational cost, you can get a place of your own within minutes.

CoCreate offers all the benefits mentioned above, and even manages free collection of post to forward to your mailing address on a bi-weekly basis. Simply put, CoCreate is the best way to start your new business journey, while the nitty-gritties are managed by a team of experienced professionals. Check it out now!

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