Setting Up Business in Dublin – Coworking Space – Part III

Starting a new business is never easy. In the beginning, you need to keep productivity up and costs down. While most new business owners consider work-from-home a viable option, it doesn’t prove to be a good choice in the long run. As such, the number of coworking spaces in Dublin has been increasing rapidly. A coworking space not only saves money, but lets you scale up operations with ease.

Coworking spaces in Dublin have successfully created communities of entrepreneurs, writers, designers, thinkers, innovators, and people from all walks of life. You can get advice from like-minded individuals, and seek help from professionals managing the shared office space.

In Ireland, coworking spaces are being set up in all major cities. From offices in business parks to warehouse-sized tech startups, Dublin is the hottest business hub in the country.

Considered to be the offices of the future, coworking spaces provide flexibility, support, physical address, mail forwarding, and several other benefits. It’s a much better choice than working from the confines of your room.

Low Startup Costs

A lot of new businesses can’t afford to rent offices in a central location. Long-term lease contracts and high rents had been major issues while setting up business in Dublin. But things have been changing! Startups have become interested in shared office spaces for a physical address, meetings, and other benefits.

Coworking Space

Coworking spaces don’t require multi-year contracts to get you started. While it’s better to have an annual subscription, you can still get on-board with daily, weekly, or monthly pricing. Around the world, coworking spaces have been on the rise, and with good reason.

Greater Flexibility

In modern workplaces, employees and candidates have been focused on greater flexibility. These days, people want to define their own processes and working schedules. More freedom and autonomy lead to a much happier workplace. 

A good coworking space is open round-the-clock, and lets you work as per your own schedules. Additionally, it offers a wide range of subscription plans suiting different purposes and intents. 

Hot Desks

A hot desk keeps your work processes flexible. Whether you’re looking to move from one seat to another frequently, or just need a physical office address for correspondence, such a set up is ideal. What’s more? Booking a hot desk also gets you the benefit of mails being forwarded to a preferred postal address on a bi-weekly basis.

Dedicated Desks

With dedicated desks, you can avail fixed-desk memberships. These are ideal for small teams and individuals looking to collaborate and learn. Dedicated desks allow you to remain seated together, while indulging in community building with others in the shared office space.

Private Office

For larger teams, private offices are the perfect choice. With dedicated seating arrangements and other benefits, such as privacy, ability to book meeting rooms etc., they’re ideal to maximise efficiency and productivity.

Gig Economy

The future of the modern business world depends on the gig economy. It has become more common to work as a freelancer or on a project basis. Such dynamic workforce of motivated individuals is the backbone of every coworking space. With a hot desk in a shared office space, you’ll be able to scale up operations whenever you want.

Sense of Community

Being a new business owner can be a lonely experience. Setting up business in Dublin isn’t a cakewalk. From registration to branding and legal to accounting, you need support at every step. Coworking spaces can provide an environment of community. While working around people from different roles and companies, you’d be able to seek help from experts in every field.


Considering the flexible nature of Dublin’s coworking spaces, it has become common practice for small businesses, startup owners, and innovators to function from these establishments. Without a doubt, coworking is a favourite among SMEs, self-employed individuals, freelancers, travelling employees, and corporates.

Physical Office Address & Support

A physical office address is quite important for new businesses. Just take a subscription for a hot desk, and you’ll have an address for correspondence with candidates, investors, and other stakeholders. Moreover, your mails will be forwarded to a preferred postal address.

Checkout CoCreate – The Most Vibrant Coworking Space

CoCreate, one of the most dynamic, flexible, and trendiest coworking spaces, is located in the heart of Dublin. It offers flexible plans with several other benefits, such as meeting rooms, dedicated support, 24/7 access, kitchen, social events, and more.

Once you book a subscription, you don’t have to worry about operational or infrastructure cost anymore. You’ll have a place of your own within minutes.

CoCreate is also perfect for new businesses looking for a physical office address. It offers free collection of mails, and forwards them to a preferred postal address on a bi-weekly basis. Just sit back, focus on work, and let CoCreate manage the nitty-gritties that shouldn’t bother you anyway. Check it out now!

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